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Stronger Together: First Speakers Confirmed for Southern Water Boycotters Town Hall Event

As the sewage crisis deepens and it becomes clear that regulators are incapable of holding water companies to account, new boycotters are joining the movement.

Many have reached out to for advice and support over the past few months and we recognise there is great value in uniting for fellowship and support.

So we are holding a town hall event for all boycotters for a day of discussion, advice and sharing.

One of the confirmed speakers is Mike Deacon, a long-term boycotter currently suing Southern Water in a landmark case for 'loss of amenity'. You can read about Mike's inspiring stand against one of Britain's worst polluters here.

We will also be hearing from an environmental law firm on the legal standing of different actions. More speakers will be announced in due course.

Already, there are community assemblies taking place up and down the country. A recent event pictured here with customers of Wessex Water discussed the various

actions that can be taken to hold water companies to account., in collaboration with Hastings Boycotts Southern Water, will host the Town Hall event in Hastings from 10am-4pm on Friday 15th March with a varied programme including info and ideas on boycotting, dealing with debt collectors, next steps for the movement and sharing hubs.

Katy Colley from Hastings Boycotts Southern Water said: 'This is for everyone - though some may be months or even years into their boycott, others might still at the preparation stage. We can all learn from one another's experience and gain community and friendship in our actions. Nobody has all the answers.

What we are doing is unprecedented and the water companies and regulators appear to be changing tactics all the time to counter our actions.

Nevertheless, we can all lean on one another and share ideas in our actions.'

Though many attendees will be Southern Water customers, the town hall is open invitation to all boycotters as it is acknowledged that much of our work can be shared and applied to all water companies.

We will send a full itinerary nearer the time and welcome suggestions for what you would like to see on the program. The entrance is £6 to cover venue hire and basic admin fees. Register your interest below.

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