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All Hands In

Local Groups

There are now local boycott groups springing up across the country and we know how important it is to make contact and find support among your local community. Below is a selection of some of the new groups that have recently formed. If you are a local group and wish to share your details here please contact us through the form on the home page,. 

Boycott Thames Water

"We are an independent group of Thames Water Customers. We refuse to pay the wastewater element of our bills in protest at the criminal, reckless, repeated release of untreated water into our waterways. Why pay for a service we don’t receive?

Our group first came together in 2023. We salute those who have been campaigning against the water polluters for many years. Those in the vanguard have often lived in coastal areas, literally sickened by their contact with our poisoned seas. The inland waters of the Thames area are no less polluted, and Thames Water holds the dismal record as one of the worst offenders. 

Thames Water was privatised in 1989. For 35 years it has failed to comply with its legal obligations for treating sewage. It has paid out £Billions to shareholders, contributing to accumulated debt of £14Billion. We call them ‘Thames Waster,’ and say enough is enough! 

If you want to get involved contact and find out how you can join our support group and help with the campaign."

Hastings Boycotts Southern Water

A small but active group of boycotters which formed in response to Southern Water's appalling record on sewage outflows in Hastings. The groups has an Instagram page and a WhatsApp Group. To contact visit

Save Our Swale Campaign

Working together to keep the River Swale clean for water-based recreation and wildlife.

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