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Boycotters on BBC Southeast Politics Show

Southern Water Boycotters Katy Colley and Mike Deacon were featured in a special report on BBC Southeast's politics show on Sunday 3 December about pollution by water companies.

The report looked at angler Mike Deacon's action suing Southern Water for loss of amenity and failure to provide a proper service.

As the former pollution monitor of the River Ouse he says he is uniquely suited to hold Southern Water to account, while Katy Colley from Hastings Boycotts Southern Water, says that there seems to be no sense in paying for a service they are not getting when all the raw sewage is pouring straight into the sea, making it unsafe for people to swim in.

Katy has been withholding her bill for a year now, following the complaints process as laid down by OFWAT, without legal consequence.

She says: 'We're not the criminals, Southern Water are.'

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